Is Your Diet a Possible Natural BV Cure?

by Chloe Chase

natural bv cure

If you suffer from occasional or chronic bacterial vaginosis or BV you may be surprised to learn that diet plays an important role in any natural BV treatment program. In fact diet is one of the keys to permanent natural cure for BV. Your diet is so important because one of the most important underlying causes of BV is a weak immune system. For most women a weak immune system is directly related to their diet. Unless you have a medical condition that has compromised your immune system diet is the best way to boost your immune system naturally.

What is the Best Diet for BV?

A BV diet has to start with a strong foundation built on natural nutrient rich organic whole foods.  Most Americans have diet comprised of highly processed foods that are low in natural fiber and nutrients. A whole foods diet has a wide range of fruits and vegetables that have not been processed. When you do prepare vegetables for example they must be steamed rather than boiled. The next step is to eliminate all processed sugars and most forms of wheat or gluten. Sugar and wheat are used extensively in a wide range of processed foods. It’s difficult to remove sugar and wheat without adopting a whole foods diet and preparing your own meals from scratch. Lunch at work is a particular challenge because it’s difficult to find unprocessed sugar and wheat free items on most restaurant menus especially the fast food restaurants. This BV diet is a major lifestyle change for most women.  But if you’re suffering with BV you have a powerful motivator to change your diet. For additional information on a sugar free whole foods diet visit my site dedicated to sugar detox at

What are the Best Foods to Boost your Immune System?

A whole foods diet will build a strong foundation for your BV diet plan.  A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish will add a rich variety of nutrients that will strengthen your immune system. The next step is to add foods to your diet that will provide an extra boost to your immune system. Yogurt, garlic and mushrooms play an important role in rebuilding and maintaining a strong immune system.  Foods rich in the vitamin D, B vitamins especially B-12, omega 3 and folic acid are particularly important to boost the immune system for women with BV.  The following is a list of some of the best natural foods sources of these four nutrients:

Vitamin D: Fat free milk, salmon, tuna and eggs are all excellent sources of this important vitamin.

Vitamin B-12: Seafood is the best source of this important vitamin especially claims oysters, mussels, mackerel, herring and sardines. Other goods sources of B-12 include eggs and cheese.

Omega 3: Fish such are salmon, halibut and cod are excellent sources of omega 3 but walnuts, ground flax seeds and cauliflower are also good sources of omega 3.

Folic Acid: A wide range of vegetables including spinach, asparagus and broccoli are the best natural sources of folic acid.

These four food groups should become part of your daily diet including one serving of fish and three servings of vegetables.  If you find it difficult to eat three servings of vegetables green juicing is a great and easy way to reach that goal. I would also recommend adding yogurt and garlic to your daily diet and having mushrooms at least 3 times a week.

natural bv cure

The Role of Fluids in a BV Diet

What you drink is very important if you suffer from BV.  All forms of caffeine should be entirely removed from your diet.  Sodas and other sugar/fructose drinks should be replaced with water.  It’s vital to drink 8 glassed of water per day. If you drink any alcoholic beverages its best stop all together except for special occasions.  If that is too difficult you should limit yourself to one glass of wine with lunch or dinner per pay. Many women find that these changes in the fluids they drink make a big difference especially because BV often leads to or is accompanied by urinary tract infections.

Is Diet Enough to Cure my BV?

For most women diet alone, even if it’s a strict BV diet, is not enough to be an outright cure but it is an important part of a complete program designed to treat your particular form of BV. There are in fact several different types of BV and it’s important to identify you particular type of BV and develop a comprehensive treat program designed just for you. In most cases the BV diet outlined above is one part of a complete program.  A natural BV cure is the best permanent treatment for most women with BV and diet is almost always part of the long term permanent solution. Antibiotics, over the counter treatments and even some home remedies can provide some short term relief but for most women a natural treatment program including diet, exercise and specific supplements is the best long term permanent remedy. For additional information on BV and antibiotics see my article on this blog entitled Are Antibiotics an Effective BV Cure?

Ready to try a Natural BV Treatment Program that Really Works?

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